I had such a good experience with Charlotte – she got back to me very promptly, asked a few questions and booked me in for the next day. It turns out I was wearing completely the wrong size bra but she soon sorted me out. She had so much good advice and lots of experience. Even with the hands-off covid-secure approach, Charlotte provides a brilliant, friendly, supportive and professional service and I cannot recommend her highly enough. – Charlotte

Thank you so much to Charlotte for helping me find the right bra for me. Can’t believe what a difference it has made. I feel so light and supported. Gorgeous bras available and fantastic advice and service. Would not hesitate to recommend. – Laura

Charlotte was so friendly and helpful and made me feel totally at ease throughout my fitting. She came with a selection of styles so that I could try different types and see how the fit compared, to help find what was right for me. She gave great advice on getting the best fit and allowing for pregnancy growth and feeding. There was no pressure to buy (but I did choose to as she had just what I was looking for). It’s such a game-changer to feel comfortable again and it’s great to know that these bras should grow with me and allow for feeding too. Would highly recommend! Xx – Natasha

Amazing service! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support. It was so lovely to meet you and I found the whole experience amazing. I feel so much more comfortable and so happy to have found some nice bras that fit me properly too! – Beth

Charlotte was brilliant, lovely and very knowledgeable. I cant’ believe how many women are in completely the wrong bra size! I’m excited to wear my new bras and actually feel comfy and supported. Just perfect having the fitting in the comfort of your home too. Thanks Charlotte – Gemma