About Bluebell Bras

Hello, my name is Charlotte (also known as the bra lady, the bra fitter, the lady with the boobie bag!), and I am the owner of Bluebell Bras. I am also a mum to my three young daughters, an eight year old and five year old twins.

One day I had an epiphany that I wanted to become a mobile bra fitter, especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women. I didn’t have the best of experiences buying maternity and nursing bras on the high street. With my eldest I actually didn’t think I was going to breastfeed her so was completely unprepared when she arrived and took to breastfeeding like a pro! After quite a traumatic birth, I remember when she was 7 days old I had to go to the shops to buy nursing bras. I could barely walk but I battled the pain (and tears), picked up some awfully fitting bras which I then wore for a year! With my twins, although I intended to breastfeed, I didn’t buy any nursing bras before they were born (big mistake!). After struggling with no nursing bras in hospital before they were discharged, it was then an even bigger struggle once home to actually get out of the house, and its not easy getting a double pram into store fitting rooms let me tell you.

Having breastfed my eldest for one year and my twins well past their 2nd birthday, I now know how wearing a well fitted (and dare I say it sometimes pretty?!) nursing bra can make a huge difference to how you feel about yourself. The right nursing bra will also be a confidence boost knowing you can feed your baby/babies with ease.

I decided to train as a bra fitter and have been offering my mobile bra fitting service for for over three years now. I absolutely love what I do! I have met so many lovely mums / mums to be and their beautiful babies. I am privileged to be welcomed into their homes and to be able to help them during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.